Journal Pages 16-18

Left to right: ‘Enchanting a Scrying Mirror’, ‘Abstract’, ‘Typography’

Enchanting a Scrying Mirror
I remember looking for a frame to use to make a scrying mirror as unfortunately I’d lost mine in one of my many house moves, and this page is dedicated to enchanting it so it’s ready to use (I still haven’t found a frame I like enough, but I’ll get there eventually). A scrying mirror is a divination tool used not just by witches but by a few people. It’s essentially a mirror where the glass is pure, solid black, and you light a candle and focus your mind almost like meditation. You can focus on a question or subject or just keep your mind clear. Eventually you start to see shapes and images, and use your intuition to interpret these. I’m more into tarot cards really but I do like the idea of scrying and have successfully tried a couple of times.

For this page I was trying to do a little ‘wax resist’ which didn’t turn out at all like I wanted! I made the best I could of it and used some inks to brighten it up. It all went a bit 1980s at one point but I don’t mind how it’s turned out. It’s not one of my better pages but I think that’s okay.

A page dedicated purely for typography! A lot of the time when I hand write, I made up some typefaces sometimes planned and sometimes just making it up as I go along. I used to do graphic design before illustration, and the love of typography has never quite left me! I decided to keep it simple black and white, using a fineliner.

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