Journal Pages 13-15

Left to right: ‘The Rorschach Test’, ‘Make Up’, ‘Flowers’

The Rorschach Test
I had been struggling with my mental health for a little while when I did this page, so I decided to do a Rorschach Test page. I watched the film Donnie Darko as well and was inspired by this for the typeface I chose to do, as well as the mirror effect. It’s also quite fun to see if I see different things on different days, and what other people may see as well.

Make Up
I decided to go with another of the simple prompts and chose to do a bit of illustration! I used my fineliner and added a tiny bit of watercolour to give a subtle hint of colour and then used my white gel pen afterwards. I really like how this page turned out – this is all the make up and brushes I use on a daily basis. I actually ran out of space and I’m missing my powder brush and eyelash curlers! I’d like to do another page like this but I’m trying to do every page different at the moment.


For this page I’ve done a little bit of illustration again, drawing some of my favourite flowers. Unfortunately, I am actually allergic to flowers as well as having hay fever, so it was nice to sit and draw these and have a page dedicated to them. I have quite a lot of old book pages and decided to draw on those, I think they make a nice background for them. 🙂

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