Desert Island Zines

Long time, no post! I’ve been so busy – they definitely don’t ease up on the work load in second year! Also the site went down for almost two days – I forgot to renew the domain and they had all my old details, but that’s been taken care of now.

My favourite module this semester has to be Book Arts – I love it! I did a little bit of book binding back in Pembrokeshire College about 3-4 years ago, and in Coleg Sir Gar Carmarthen we did a little book arts module there. Of course this being Level 5, we’re exploring it in more depth and I absolutely love the project we’ve been given. We have a 30 day visual journal challenge. You may have seen these art journals a lot on Pinterest and I actually really wanted to try it – I never thought I’d get to do it as a module which is great! I always get more inspired and work harder when it’s a project I enjoy and one that I’m enthusiastic about. I think that’s the case for a lot of people of course, but I do find it difficult to do a project when I don’t like it. It’s one of those things though I have to learn to get on with.

So this post is about the Desert Island Zines project, where we all chose 8 songs that best describe changes in our life time, songs we have a strong connection to or just songs we like. It’s inspired by the Desert Island radio show (which I have yet to listen to and will do at some point!) on Radio 4. We then illustrated these and made zines. Zines are mini booklet type things, usually illustrated, where you decide what goes in and what gets published. It’s like a mini magazine sort of or a comic book? I’m terrible at explaining things! I think a lot of them can be found on Etsy and illustrators in particular take part in zine swaps often. These and some other work is currently on display in an exhibition at our uni, so if anyone is in Hereford please do have a look! I’m also just going to apologise for the crappy photos of my zine on this post – I have a slightly better version on my Instagram. I thought I’d make things more difficult for myself (I usually do) and chose black paper with a limited colour palette of red, white and black. I used gouache paint with a calligraphy pen (let me tell you how bloody hard it is to get gouache to go through a calligraphy pen!!) for the writing, and just a paint brush to illustrate the rest. It was difficult but I think it was worth it – I’m quite pleased with the result!

That’s all for now, but I will be adding a post soon with pictures from my visual journal (still a work in progress) and some of the books I’ve made. 🙂

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