Journal Pages 4-6

Left to right: ‘Night or Day?’, ‘Where Did You Grow Up & What Was it Like Living There?’, ‘Coffee’

Night or Day?
I decided to use one of the prompts, and was originally just going to choose one to work with but decided since I am indecisive and do like both, I’d do both. The night side of the page is overlapping slightly on the day page as I do prefer night time. I went for a collage for this page and tried to add a little texture by using tissue and thin papers, then building up colour with water soluble pastels (those things are great). I quite like how this page turned out – I decided to keep it simple and just put a basic dictionary definition on each page as I wanted the focus to be on the backgrounds more.

Where Did You Grow Up and What Was it Like Living There?
This one is a little dark.. I used to live in another part of the West Midlands when I was younger, until I moved to Pembrokeshire when I was 9. The things I remember most, sadly, is the amount of violence and murder there. A lot of it was quite near to our house and was one of the main motivations for my mum moving us away. I remember when I was very small seeing these ‘tents’ up the road from our house when I was with my dad, and when I asked why they were there he told me that someone had been killed (my parents didn’t tend to sugar coat much.. I’m sure he said it in a less brutal way, but still). It’s sad I don’t remember much else about where I lived, mostly my childhood memories are of Pembrokeshire and visiting the beaches.

I had been gifted a lovely little cafetiere for Christmas by my friends (they actually put together a hamper of lots of different coffees, chocolate covered coffee beans and a travel mug) as I’m a bit of a coffee addict! I just really felt like drawing it. Sometimes I look at objects and just feel like drawing them! Like the Night/Day page, I worked on the background and textures but kept it simple this time. I used dried tea bags to draw the small bags of coffee on (something I had picked up on Pinterest, I think) and really liked how they turned out! I also invested in a white gel pen which has made the world of difference to some of my drawings! I’ve been using it on everything!

More pages to come soon. 🙂

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