Herefordshire Library Card Project

As part of our Illustration Applications module, we’ve been asked to come up with a design for a library card for Herefordshire Library. I tried a few ideas out – the bookshelf design was inspired by Hay-On-Wye, the book town in Herefordshire (if you haven’t been I would definitely recommend it, especially if you like books!) but it didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. I found my most successful designs were the abstract ones – I tried a few variations layering up acetate with old book pages and some old blue prints.

I found the plain one worked best, and decided to add a simple block colour behind it. I chose 5 different colours but couldn’t decide between them! In the end I thought it’d be nice to have them as options, so that if anyone signed up for the library they could choose one of the 5 colours. It’s a totally different style of illustration for me – I usually use lots of ink and my drawings tend to be more feminine sometimes, whereas this design can be for anyone which is great! Something I’ve never been able to get right before so I’m quite pleased about that. 🙂

The typeface I used is called Blackout. Other typefaces I used were Impact Label, Quicksand and ZnikomitNo24.

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