Journal Pages 1-3

Left to right: ‘The Garden’, ‘Who Was/Is Your Best Friend?’, ‘Me and my Cats’

Here are the first three pages from my journal as part of the Book Arts module we’re currently doing at uni. I’m really excited for this project! It’s a 30 Day Journal Challenge – we have been given two lists of prompts but we can do others if we like. I’ve found quite a lot of inspiration on Pinterest searching for ‘Visual Journals’, there are some really beautiful ones there! I think I’ll just write a little bit about each page for a bit more context. 🙂

‘The Garden’
This page was inspired by a garden that occurs frequently in my dreams (I think I may have mentioned before when we did the Accordion Books). Sometimes it’s different but it feels like the same place, and it’s always pinks, purples and quite sunny. Almost like a late summer day. I’ve always wanted to try and visualise it and I don’t think I’ve quite captured it in this page but I still like it. I decided to try a more abstract route and have a play with the materials I used (ink, stamps, fineliners etc.). Also for the first time in years I wrote a poem! That was definitely a new one for me. I haven’t written one probably since I was in school which was quite a while ago, and whilst it isn’t the greatest poem I’m still quite happy with it. I think the poem visualises the dream more than the page does.

‘Who Was/Is Your Best Friend?’
Originally, when we did the Turkish Map Fold books, I was going to do mine based on the journey of a friendship I’d quite recently lost, but I found it a little too much to cope with at the time. I moved the page I had done and decided to put it in my journal instead, using one of the question prompts from the list we were given. It’s a page about when I first met my then best friend – I had gone to London for an interview at Camberwell for a BA Drawing course, and he had agreed to come and meet me (a mutual friend had gone home so couldn’t meet me). After that, we became much closer. Although it wasn’t an easy page to make, I still like to have that memory there preserved. I had a few small gifts that I was supposed to give to him but never had the chance to, and in the end I realised I probably wouldn’t so I got rid of them. I managed to find my original ticket from the day and put that there too.

Me and My Cats
This one is just me and my cats – I missed my cats (I have three back at home) so I decided to dedicate a page to them. If you’re wondering why Alice is on her own and not with me like the other two, she isn’t as..loving as the other two cats. She’s very independent and likes her own space! I think if I tried to take a picture with her like that, I’d get a few bites and scratches!

More pages to come soon! 🙂

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