Turkish Map Fold Book

Here is a Turkish Map Fold book I made in Book Arts at uni. Our theme for this was ‘Mapping’ and originally, I was going to map out the beginning, middle and end of a friendship I lost not long after I started uni. After doing the first page, I found it too much to carry on with so I moved it to one of my pages in my journal. I decided instead to map out the 2 day trip to London I went on with my class during my Foundation Diploma year at Gower College Swansea. London is one of my favourite places in the world and I’m hoping to move there after I graduate (well, not straight away, unless I win the lottery). I think my favourite page is the Soho/China Town one. I tried to depict a night time scene, as we went for a walk through Soho and afterwards went on to China Town to have a walk and dinner at one of the many restaurants there. I added a bit of foiling (I love shiny stuff, I’m like a magpie, it’s weird) as I remember everything being really shiny and reflective. I think it also helps the whole night time vibe, too.

I really enjoyed making this book, I’d love to make more in future! They’re quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. I’ve pinned two instruction sheets on my Pinterest if anyone reading this would like to have a go! Once you’ve done the folding, you just glue them together. I added a hard cover to mine with a ribbon tie, but you can do virtually anything with it. I like that you can fit in quite a lot and have it fold up all compact! If I do make any more, I’ll post here. 🙂

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