Accordion Books

Here is an Accordion book I made today in Book Arts at uni. Each week we get shown how to do a particular book, given a theme and we go off and make them. I really like this module – it’s learning a new skill each week and having the freedom to explore that and get creative with it. We can also take any of these techniques and incorporate them into our main project – the 30 Day Journal Challenge. I’m really looking forward to it!

Our theme for today was Journeys. I decided to do a dream journey book, exploring common themes and imagery I have in my dreams. I don’t have recurring dreams and I never have the same dream twice, but I have the same imagery sometimes. I keep dreaming of a garden with flowers, for example. Each time the garden is completely different, but it feels like the same place, it’s quite unusual! I have a dream interpretation book, and sometimes I can have completely different dreams within a week, and they will all have the same meaning! So in this book I’ve tried to illustrate that, and also hand written some of the text from my dream interpretation book, explaining what some of the images mean. I find dream interpretation very interesting, and I do have an interest in psychology (I’m no expert though, of course). Maybe I can include some pages in my 30 day journal challenge? 🙂

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